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Welcome to Noma.

Industrial gears. Made in Germany.

A team of all-rounders and specialists for Construction, Manufacturing und Service of industrial gearboxes.

At Noma everyone is eager to find the perfect solution.

Markus K. // Sales + Service

Noma | gearboxes

We Don't know how save the whole world


We know Gearboxes.
From A to Z.

We are professionals in the design, manufacture, maintenance and repair of industrial gearboxes.

On request, our team will take care of the complete construction of spur gear units, bevel-helical gear units and special gear units of any design. For this purpose, we develop and produce the direct gear periphery such as torque supports and drive elements.

Production and assembly are carried out by employees from three different generations. In this way we ensure the unadulterated transfer of knowledge and experience, while at the same time being modern and future-oriented.

With this condensed knowledge, we are not only one of the leading specialists for the rapid and competent elimination of unplanned production downtimes, but we are also the contact for service and maintenance of countless third-party gearboxes.

We do not bother with problems. We find solutions. Quickly.

Grown together and growing together - in more than 150 years.

Marvin // Manufacturing




We design and develop special gear units for almost all industries and applications.

As a partner in the field of gear and toothing calculation, we naturally also work with your connecting dimensions and technical data for the production of individual pieces or small series. Did you know that gears from JaKe (Jahnel-Kestermann), Ekato and SMS were designed and manufactured by NOMA in many cases?

Whether special gearboxes or small series, spur gearboxes, bevel gearboxes, bevel-helical gearboxes, manual gearboxes or worm gearboxes - we can do it. We literally construct everything from jewellery boxes to safes.



Manufacturing | Assembly

We manufacture, produce and assemble not only gear units designed by us, but also according to external plans, constructions and measurements. Of course, the manufactured external gearboxes meet the same high quality standards as our own designs.

The entire production process - from the raw part to the finished end product - takes place in-house at NOMA. We live 'Made in Germany'. We also produce drive elements according to your drawings or supplied samples in contract manufacturing.



SERVICE | Maintenance

For our customers we provide service, maintenance and repair of industrial gearboxes worldwide and around the clock.

This is where our many years of trusting work with our partners pays off in particular. Hardly anyone can undercut our reaction times - there is no such thing as impossible with us.

And we are friends of clear communication. We also communicate unpleasant messages openly, honestly and directly. Only in this way can we work together on solutions and ways out. Service is a promise for us.

We are your partner. A hand on it.


Every industry has individual requirements.
Our flexibility is the answer.

Igor S. // Construction

Noma | Industries

We just cannot decide.


Our Industries?


Chemical industry

Reactor and agitator technology

In these industries, precision and reliability are the top priorities and have the highest priority. An interruption of production can have fatal consequences here.


Power Generation

Wind Energy

Oil + Gas

Power stations

Especially in regenerative wind energy, high-quality and durable gear components are required to guarantee reliable power generation.


Conveying technology

conveyor systems

For uninterrupted further processing of material, the transport chains must function smoothly and downtimes must be avoided at all costs. This is where NOMA gearboxes for the toughest demands are used.


Water Management

Water + waste water

Pump Technology

In water management, failures can lead to the formation of germs and supply bottlenecks. Reliability has top priority here.


Metal Industry

Rolling Mills


In modern rolling mills production is carried out with maximum forces. Here, durability, resilience and quality of the components used are among the most important criteria.


Mineral Industry


potash + salt

Machines used in the mining and extraction of raw materials must be robust and simply constructed, and must work reliably even under adverse conditions.


Rubber and plastics industry

When processing components in these industries, a variable force development for mixing is essential, whereas a uniform force development is essential for constant material feed.


Cement industry

Even the Romans recognised that concrete is an indispensable building material for housing construction and the creation of infrastructure. NOMA gears ensure a homogeneous structure with high strength and stability.


Pulp and paper industry

From the raw material to the final product, NOMA gearboxes make an indispensable contribution to waste water prevention. Closed production cycles with integrated closed-loop water treatment plants within the paper mills considerably relieve the environment.



Lifting and traversing gear

Safety comes first. NOMA gearboxes are certified in special quality tests to not only meet but exceed the high safety standards.



NOMA gearboxes are used in various applications on ships. A special focus is on sand pump gearboxes, but also on cable and anchor winches and generator drives.


Food industry

In the sugar industry, exact planning and production assurance of the seasonal harvest is essential. In addition, the use of special auxiliary and operating materials must be guaranteed as a prerequisite for the processing of foodstuffs. Gearbox maintenance in advance is decisive for a successful season.

We live customer relations, because the name Noma stands for trust.

Andrea P. // Sales

Noma | Customers

Partnership with responsibility


Loyalty must be earned

Many of our customers have been loyal to us for decades. We are very proud of this. But we also know what that means: Never let up and keep getting better!

For companies such as Jahnel-Kestermann (JaKe), Ekato, SMS group and thyssenkrupp we have been developing, designing and manufacturing special gearboxes of various types since the mid-nineties.

For example, agitator gearboxes have been decisively developed and revised by us. It goes without saying that as specialists for these gearboxes we are very familiar with the technology.

We learn from yesterday, work today and plan for tomorrow.

T. Hartges // Managing Director

Noma | Future

Our Team spirit is unbelievable, everyone stands for the other.

Janusz // Manufacturing

Experience grows over the years, from one generation to the next.

Stefan // Trainee

Noma | Competence

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